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the marriage

WeAreMarried LLC is the performance and multimedia collaboration of transgender theatremakers and close friends Jay Eisenberg and Shelby Richardson. 

WAM is built on relationships. We create and produce dynamic, original performances and events, operating as an ethical, equitable, for-profit company centered on artist-laborers' rights.


Your fun and pleasure is non-negotiable. Our audiences crave something as entertaining as it is enduring; as intimate as it is iconoclastic; as risky as it is rewarding. WAM delivers.


WAM's business model draws inspiration from unions, amusement parks, production houses, multi-platform media companies, and creative agencies. Some of what we create might look like theatre, but it isn't made that way.

WAM is much more than a theatre company.

WAM is here to make your life bearable.

WAM is here to make you rich. 

WAM is here to change the game.

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