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WAM-For-Hire brings WAM to you, wherever you are.
The WAM-For-Hire program allows you to book us for a private viewing of one of our full-length shows, a custom event, event hosting/MCing, and more. WAM-For-Hire provides sustainable ongoing work for the artists involved in the creation of our original shows and events; di
srupts the standard "season-based" theatre model, and helps our art-making remain both passionate and profitable. Once we create and premiere a show, it enters the next phase of its creative life and is added to the WAM-For-Hire menu. Current WAM-For-Hire offerings include HOUSEFUCKER, BIGGAME, HOW BIG IS, FAST GAY DATING, and more. 


To book WAM-For-Hire, click here.


And, while we've got your attention, why don't you join us on April 1 at Franconia Sculpture Park for EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT, an all-day celebration of the official launch of WAM-For-Hire! EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT features remounts of our full-length shows HOUSEFUCKER and BIGGAME, plus bonus performances and events throughout the day.


EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT tickets and info here.

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