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WAM events

WeAreMarried believes that clowns know a thing or two about bringing people together to have a good time.


Welcome to WAM Events.

FAST GAY DATING combines all of the adrenaline of WAM's spatial intelligence game show, HOW BIG IS, with the fun of speed-meeting. On their two-minute dates, guests join forces to guess the size of the object in front of them. No need for small talk. No pressure to tell your whole life story in an impossibly short time. And as your hosts, we're here to make fools of ourselves, so you can feel comfortable getting a little weird, too.

Tickets for the next FAST GAY DATING go on sale in June 2023. Stay tuned!


WeAreMarried is grateful for our community partners

Hark! Cafe (FGD Pride 2022, Holiday 2022) and

Flip the Script (FGD Pride 2023). 

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