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WAM's very first show.

Coming to a house near you.

April 16 - May 14, 2022.

Created by WeAreMarried.

Directed by Lizz Windnagel. 

Featuring Jay Eisenberg & Shelby Richardson.

For tickets and more, visit

Look at you, awake in your bed, wondering if the house you like actually likes you back.

Tossing and turning because you can't meet your house's needs.

Thrashing and gnashing because, let's face it, your house never comes first.

What an embarrassment! We know you just want to be alone in the home. Lucky for you, the uniquely qualified realtors at Beam & Bungalow are here to help. Join Shel Beam and Phil Bungalow for a minimally invasive open house where you'll learn our special techniques for understanding the traumas and dramas of buying, selling, and pleasuring the home.


By the time you leave, you'll see houses in a whole new way, a way that makes you shout: "There's not a thing wrong with it!"

At just under an hour, this is a one tight tour that will leave you feeling real loose.

To learn more about the artists behind HOUSEFUCKER,

click here.


promotional photos by Galen Ray Fletcher


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