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WAM's second show.

Coming to a backyard near you.

September 16 - October 16, 2022.

Created by WeAreMarried.

Directed by Chelsie Newhard.

A/V Engineering by Victoria Carpenter.

Featuring Shelby Richardson and Jay Eisenberg.

For tickets, sensory advisories, COVID policies, and more, visit:

How long do you think you could survive in the remote wilderness? Two days? One year?

You sure do talk a big game.

While you consider if you've got what it takes, we invite you to sit back in your lawn chair and watch someone else give it their best shot. Get comfortable. It might not last long.

Welcome to the studio audience of BIGGAME, a live fever dream of a televised survivalist game show where one intrepid adventurer-turned-amateur filmmaker faces off with the elements. Armed with ten carefully selected items and what some might call "an absolutely unhinged level of expertise," our competitor still wonders: will a lifetime of preparation be enough? And with a life-changing sum of money on the line, will they come out on top, or get topped by nature itself?

Don't encourage them. They don't even know you're here. They're alone in this.

And so are you.

BIGGAME is sponsored by Iverson Law Office, P.L.C. and WAM's QFP (Queer Fairy Godparent).

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