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HOUSEFUCKER is an immersive show that includes brief moments of voluntary audience-performer interaction. Audience members will not be put on the spot or expected to "perform" themselves. HOUSEFUCKER contains vaguely sexual innuendo, frequent references to substance use, strong language, and a slow-motion physical fight. HOUSEFUCKER is not recommended for audiences under 16.


Sensory advisories are listed below.

VISUAL (Stimulation Level: Low to Moderate) There is no use of bright or strobing theatrical lighting in HOUSEFUCKER. Lighting will occasionally dim or shift hue depending on the scene. Light sources include natural daylight and practical lamps within the home. There are two brief portions of the show in which audiences will watch short videos on a laptop.

AUDITORY (Stimulation Level: Low Moderate) There is no heavily amplified sound in HOUSEFUCKER. Any music used in the show is amplified through a travel-size Bluetooth speaker. A concierge bell is used to signal when it is time to move on to a new section.

TACTILE (Stimulation Level: Moderate to High) At certain moments in HOUSEFUCKER, audiences are invited to touch and feel surfaces in the house (walls, floors, countertops, carpet, etc) based on their level of comfort. This is completely optional.

OLFACTORY (Stimulation Level: Low to Moderate) Audiences may encounter "typical smells of the home" on their tour, including cleaning products, kitchen smells, etc - there are no additional smells specific to HOUSEFUCKER, and the performers refrain from the use of scents or perfumes.

TASTE (Stimulation Level: Zero to Low) A single Five-Hour Energy is offered to audience members at the start of HOUSEFUCKER. No one ever seems to want it. 

MOVEMENT (Stimulation Level: Moderate to High) Due to the open-house, tour-style nature of HOUSEFUCKER, audiences move from room to room in the home, which may include the use of stairs. Moments of movement are broken up by stretches of sitting/standing in one area. There will be seating options available in every room. 

If you have any additional questions about sensory factors or content in HOUSEFUCKER, please email us.

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