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BIGGAME is a site-responsive, outdoor, multimedia show that, while immersive, does not include audience-performer interaction. BIGGAME includes strong language, crude humor, and unconvincingly depicted, fully clothed, simulated sex. BIGGAME grapples with a variety of intense concepts, including extreme hunger, prolonged constipation, substance use, life, death, and loss. Violence is referenced, but not seen or heard onstage. BIGGAME is not recommended for audience members under 16.

BIGGAME takes place outdoors at ground level. Audiences will move from space to space during one portion of the performance. Seating will be available in all performance spaces. Audience members are asked to bring their own low-backed camping chairs, lawn chairs, towels, or blankets in order to ensure their comfort while seated outdoors. In addition, WAM will provide 12 to 15 camping seats that can accommodate up to 225 lbs each.


Sensory advisories are listed below.

VISUAL (Stimulation Level: Moderate to High) BIGGAME involves a combination of live performance and projected video on a large screen. There will be moments of bright light and one instance of flame. There are no strobes of any kind. Due to the outdoor nature of the show, there will be ambient lighting from the surrounding environment.

AUDITORY (Stimulation Level: High) BIGGAME includes some amplified sound from a small speaker, as well as occasional yelling, singing, and swearing from the performers. Although the overall volume of the show is not consistently loud, the combination of sounds from the surrounding environment (vehicles, passersby, etc.) and sounds of the show may be overwhelming at times.

TACTILE (Stimulation Level: Moderate) BIGGAME takes place outdoors, with the audience sitting on chairs, blankets, grass/dirt for up to an hour and a half. There are no moments of touch during the show, and the audience will not be asked to touch or interact physically with any of the set, props, or performers in the piece.

OLFACTORY (Stimulation Level: Low to Moderate) BIGGAME does not include theatrical haze, synthetic smells, or perfumes of any kind. Due to the outdoor nature of the show, audiences may experience smells from the surrounding environment, including car exhaust, grass, soil, dogs, other people, and firepits.

TASTE (Stimulation Level: None) BIGGAME does not include any food or drink.

MOVEMENT (Stimulation Level: Low to Moderate) BIGGAME includes one brief moment of the audience moving from one space to another. There are sitting options available in every space.


If you have any additional questions about sensory factors or content in BIGGAME, please email us.

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